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A thesis statement is a statement that focuses on ideas into one or two sentences. Thesis statements must present the main topic of the essay and must also comment on the position of the writer in relation to the topic of the essay. This statement tells a reader what the paper is about and also guides in writing and keeping the argument centered. Whether the paper is an informative essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay, a thesis statement is compulsory else the argument unfocused and flat. Since a thesis statement is important when writing an essay it is important to learn how to write a good thesis statement.

There are different types of thesis statements just as there are various types of essays. A thesis statement must match with the essay in question. For example, if an essay is an argumentative essay, a writer must compose an argumentative thesis rather than an informative essay. It should be noted that unless the purpose of the essay is informing, the thesis statement must be persuasive. A persuasive thesis statement entails the opinion and the reason why the opinion of the writer is true. It contains the opinion of the writer. There are two styles that a writer can use when writing a thesis statement. The first style involves the use of two or more points. This style is ideal for a short essay that is made up of two or three body paragraphs. A more versatile thesis statement is needed for a longer essay. Instead of using two or three different points, a thesis can list an overarching point that ties all the paragraphs of the essay.

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When writing a thesis statement it is important to compare different sources, for example, if the sources are conflicting with each other. The sources should not be summarized whereby the writer should look for motivates behind the motivation of the authors. Further, a writer must consider both sides of the argument. This will help to refine the thesis by putting into consideration the counterclaims and rebutting them disprove. A thesis statement must be clear and concise. That is a good thesis statement must answer the question ai???so whatai???. It should not exceed two sentences. The writer should not be vague.

Although the intentions of a writer are capturing the attention of the reader, posing a question is not equivalent to making a thesis statement. The purpose of a thesis statement is persuading by presenting a concept that is clear and concise and explains the two questions how and what. A thesis statement is not supposed to be confrontational that is although a person is trying to prove a point, trying to force will to the reader is not acceptable.

It is also important to keep the thesis prominent in the introduction paragraph. A standard place to consign a thesis statement is at the end of the introductory paragraph for example in short essays. This is because readers are used to finding this statement in the last sentence of the first paragraph and will automatically pay more attention to the last paragraph of the essay.


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In conclusion, a good thesis statement must be short, concise, and specific as possible must be a statement and not a question. A thesis statement should not be confrontational that is forcing out the will of the reader. General and overused terms must be avoided when writing a thesis statement.

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